7 Years

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Good morning!  I just got back from my little drive that I take almost every morning after getting Charlie off to school.  It sort of clears my head and allows me to focus.  Organize my thoughts for the day.  Take in the sights & sounds and see what’s going on in the world.  Plus I usually get a coffee, too, and my mood focuses, improves while the caffeine kicks in!

Then I get home, sit down at my computer, turn on the fireplace and some music and say, “Hello, work-at-home life, I love you!”  As much of a pain in the ass running your own business can be at times (dealing with high-maintenance clients, following up on leads, invoicing, accounting, etc – all things that have nothing to do with the actual work I do), as much of a pain as all that can be, you really can’t beat the lifestyle.  It’s been a really hard road to get to this point (I’m at “breaking even,” but growing steadily), but it’s really worth it.

They say that in 7 years’ time, every cell in your body has died off and been replaced and, strictly physically, you are completely different than you were 7 years ago.  In 7 years’ time, I’ve gone from party girl to mother to mother and small-business owner.

 Interestingly all of those things that lead to a better version of me came about in the darkest period of my life.  Divorce, a horrific court battle with Charlie’s father in which he got away with murder (in a matter of speaking – those who have followed my blog over the years know what I’m talking about), training for medical transcription that sucked the life out of me and never went anywhere, a 6-year relationship that sucked the life and soul out of me and never went anywhere, a short stint at Safeway as an administrative assistant (I actually learned a lot about business at that job, since the tragedies that happened to my supervisors left me virtually running things at times), a misguided move to Iowa for 15 months, and Charlie’s emerging developmental disability that prevented me from going in to work since I couldn’t get care for him.  Thus forcing me to either go on welfare or forge my own business.  I chose the latter.

I’m really lucky that something I was so interested in and taught myself turned/turns out to be in really high demand right now.  It’s also teaching me development skills (and I’m taking online tutorials) in PHP, so if the WordPress jobs ever go away, I’ll at least have development skills to carry me.  Along with project planning, project management experience and the experience of building a successful business.  Yes, I’m pretty lucky.  I do work damned hard and sacrifice a lot, but luck/fate had a hand as well.

On top of all of that, I have been working on some of my character deficits.  The unhealthy ways I’ve dealt with the traumas going on in my life.  The isolation/non-socialization I’ve built (along with major walls).  The negative, fatalistic attitude and more.  I’ve been going to a sort of group therapy and doing actual work on myself, actively, for about 6 weeks now, and I can feel it actually starting to sink in.

So – 7 years – that’s been quite a journey – all of my molecules have changed.  My outlook has changed.  My family/living situation has changed. My vocation/career outlook has changed. Am I still me?  I dunno – I like mostly the same foods, I like the same music, I like the same stupid jokes – I’m still mischievous as hell and like to make people laugh.  My best friend from high school and my sister are still my favorite people in the world.

I guess I’m still me – just new & improved.  New coat of paint – a little structural shoring up.  Yep – It’s Sherryness!

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