About This Blog

My blog is a bit of a hybrid.  It’s part blog (in the traditional sense), part online diary/journal, and part personal web site.  I’ve actually had my own personal website, off and on, for about 10 years.  I even had a “journal” on it and would update occasionally.

Then I was introduced to Diary-X (a now-defunct online diary website) and sort of abandoned my own personal “vanity site” but kept other websites that were about other things, like Fluffy Net, for example.

I diaried there not just daily, but multiple times per day, and I really loved it.  I was networked with several other friends.  My entries there ran the gamut from being about my personal life to commenting on news and the internet.  I did that for about 4 years and documented a lot of my life that way.

Towards the end of my time there, true “blogging” (or web logging) started to become all the rage on the internet.  True blogs began as “web logs” and the word ‘blog (short for web log) was born.  These were sort of logs of individuals’ path through the internet.  They would link to various sites or news stories they found and make a short (or sometimes long) commentary on it.  The idea was not only to share something with the world that they had found, but to share their opinion on it as well.

Most of these blogs wound up being about news and politics.  Then they started being about technology.  Then gourmet food.  Now there is a blog for nearly everything under the sun and beyond!  And in the modern sense of the word, they consist of articles, research, opinion, etc.  Not just commentary on links to other places on the web.

Anyway, I don’t want to get sidetracked.  My point is that my “blog” is a blog in both the modern sense of the word and in the traditional sense.  It contains formal, original articles written by me, photo-documentaries, links to other sites or news stories with commentary by me, research results on various topics, opinion pieces, helpful or instructional tips, etc.  Oh, and let’s not forget everyone’s favorite blog attribute – THE RANT.  I do rant from time to time.  🙂

Additionally, it’s a diary – I do like to document my life when I have something interesting to share.  Often this will be a picture my son or a story about something cute he did.  A recipe or cooking method I’ve discovered.  Information about finding good, quality produce, meat, wine, etc.  Work struggles, stories from my life, etc.  I have not yet decided if I want to “go public” with the emotions, struggles, etc. that go with raising an autistic/learning diabled child.  There is probably some good I can do with that.  But I have to think it through some more before I decide to go forward with that.

And finally it’s part “personal web site.”  My personal web site of old contained a collection of things I like and wanted all in one place.  A place to share my efforts in graphic design and web design, pictures, links, fiction, poetry, etc.

I have been posting on this particular blog/site very haphazardly up until now, but I finally have a method to my madness and a focus.  My posts will be tagged as belonging to certain categories which will be listed.  That way whatever people are interested in will be at their fingertips.

And I am going to start posting certain things daily.  I plan to make a “Cool Stuff of the Day” type post every single day.  Best link of the day, a great sale I found that day, recipe or cooking tip I found, new restaurant I discovered, etc.  The subject type will be ever-changing (will it be a link? a news item? a consumer tip? a recipe? a great sale?), but there will always be several new things each day to get excited about.

So to sum up, this “blog” is a blog/journal-diary/personal website which is evolving and growing.  Main goals for now – improve organization and usuability and post regularly.

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