Vista Print E-Mail This Morning

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I woke up to my usual Vista Print e-mail this morning, but it was a little bit different.  Usually it’s some coupon for a bevy of free items or free shipping of mouse pads or something, but not today.

Today the subject line read, “Stuck Up For A Buck!”  I’m not really sure what that means exactly, but I’m pretty sure they meant “Stock Up For A Buck.”  A little proofreading goes a long way!

I like Vista Print, actually.  I got magnets for my car doors with my business name and URL on them.  And of course business cards, etc.  Here is a pic of the car door magnet on my car:

Blog Help

Blog Solace

Just not sure about this latest offer… LOL

Health Challenge

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I joined the John P. Health Challenge today!  It’s been started by @JohnPoz (if you Twitter).  It goes for 12 weeks and has a sensible but strict prescription!

I plan to log my participation (and hopefully progress) by writing in my blog here, in the category “Health Challenge.”  You can find it by going to if you want to follow just my progress.

Today was my first day. I walked 40 minutes and followed the food guidelines. So far so good!

My personal goals are to:

  • Double my exercise (includes starting strength training and walking every day, not just 3-4 times per week)
  • Improving what I eat, as prescribed by the challenge
  • Cutting my portions by 40%-50% as prescribed by the plan
  • Drinking only water and coffee (sweetened with Splenda instead of my usual raw sugar) – no sodas, slurpees, etc (liquid sugar calories)
  • Snack only on nuts and fruits
  • Lose 25 pounds in 12 weeks

So far, so good.  My first short-term goal is to lose my first 10 pounds by April 23rd, so I’ll be looking good for the Leonard Cohen concert!   So I’m pushing especially hard right now. 

If you Twitter, you can follow me, I’m @sherryness . And go to and search on #HealthChallenge to follow others who are participating and join in the fun/work.

Thinkin’ Bout A Change

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I’m bored with my blog theme.  Thinking about changing it, but I’m not quite sure what I want to do.  There are some life-stream type WordPress themes out there – might try one of those.  They have built-in widgets and things for your Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. streams.  Might be kind of cool.

Visually, I’m thinking dark blues, black, silver and white.  Something starkly different, just for the heck of it!  I’ll have to see what I can come up with.

Nifty New Twitter Thingy

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Isn’t it pretty?  It’s over yonder, that way (let your eyeballs float to the right a little bit).  I’m turning into such a Twitter freak.  I actually considered completely re-doing my theme to match my Twitter thingy.  That’s dedication.

So What Is Up With The Pants?

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I have a very hard time finding pants for Charlie.  Besides the fact that he was part of that mini-baby-boom in 2002 (they’re blaming 9/11 for that – whole other story) and everything in his size is gone if I don’t get there as soon as they put everything out, for some reason they just almost never make pull-on pants in his size for boys!

I don’t understand that.  Virtually all pants that I see for boys are jeans (and of course nearly all of those are zip with snap or button).  And event he dress pants are the same way.  So I look for sweat pants for him, and I can almost never find normal sweat pants in his size, either.

They’re either Adidas or Nike and $30-$40 each.  Or they are made of that slick material – and being a “sensory kid,” Charlie can’t tolerate the noise they make when he walks or moves!

I don’t understand 1) why they make most pants for a kid his age that have zip/snap (that’s a challenge for any kid, and especially for Charlie) and 2) whatever happened to good old sweat pants in regular “sweats” material?  Frustrating!  This wouldn’t be an issue, I guess, if I’d learned to sew like my Mom wanted me to!  LOL

Work is awesome, but it’s kind of driving me insane.  I’m at that point where I am getting more work than I can do, which is the classic sign it’s time to raise your rates.  So I guess I will be doing that soon.  It’s good, because every time I raise my rates, I attract larger/better jobs from bigger sites/companies.  But it’s also a lot more pressure, a lot more communication and it still doesn’t ever seem to leave me with evenings/weekends free *at all*.  I’m always working.

I think I’m just going to have to start having set hours and be firm about it.  Most offices are only open “8-4:30” or whatever.  Maybe I need to start doing that.  And just take on a few small/side jobs nights and weekends *only when I feel like it*.  I need some free time that I can count on, or I’m going to burn out/go nuts.

Last but not least, ‘Quantum of Solace’ came out on DVD today!  I got it from the video store the moment they opened this morning and am finally going to watch it tonight.  The title was the inspiration for my business name, Blog Solace, so it’s about time I saw it, I think!

7 Years

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Good morning!  I just got back from my little drive that I take almost every morning after getting Charlie off to school.  It sort of clears my head and allows me to focus.  Organize my thoughts for the day.  Take in the sights & sounds and see what’s going on in the world.  Plus I usually get a coffee, too, and my mood focuses, improves while the caffeine kicks in!

Then I get home, sit down at my computer, turn on the fireplace and some music and say, “Hello, work-at-home life, I love you!”  As much of a pain in the ass running your own business can be at times (dealing with high-maintenance clients, following up on leads, invoicing, accounting, etc – all things that have nothing to do with the actual work I do), as much of a pain as all that can be, you really can’t beat the lifestyle.  It’s been a really hard road to get to this point (I’m at “breaking even,” but growing steadily), but it’s really worth it.

They say that in 7 years’ time, every cell in your body has died off and been replaced and, strictly physically, you are completely different than you were 7 years ago.  In 7 years’ time, I’ve gone from party girl to mother to mother and small-business owner.

 Interestingly all of those things that lead to a better version of me came about in the darkest period of my life.  Divorce, a horrific court battle with Charlie’s father in which he got away with murder (in a matter of speaking – those who have followed my blog over the years know what I’m talking about), training for medical transcription that sucked the life out of me and never went anywhere, a 6-year relationship that sucked the life and soul out of me and never went anywhere, a short stint at Safeway as an administrative assistant (I actually learned a lot about business at that job, since the tragedies that happened to my supervisors left me virtually running things at times), a misguided move to Iowa for 15 months, and Charlie’s emerging developmental disability that prevented me from going in to work since I couldn’t get care for him.  Thus forcing me to either go on welfare or forge my own business.  I chose the latter.

I’m really lucky that something I was so interested in and taught myself turned/turns out to be in really high demand right now.  It’s also teaching me development skills (and I’m taking online tutorials) in PHP, so if the WordPress jobs ever go away, I’ll at least have development skills to carry me.  Along with project planning, project management experience and the experience of building a successful business.  Yes, I’m pretty lucky.  I do work damned hard and sacrifice a lot, but luck/fate had a hand as well.

On top of all of that, I have been working on some of my character deficits.  The unhealthy ways I’ve dealt with the traumas going on in my life.  The isolation/non-socialization I’ve built (along with major walls).  The negative, fatalistic attitude and more.  I’ve been going to a sort of group therapy and doing actual work on myself, actively, for about 6 weeks now, and I can feel it actually starting to sink in.

So – 7 years – that’s been quite a journey – all of my molecules have changed.  My outlook has changed.  My family/living situation has changed. My vocation/career outlook has changed. Am I still me?  I dunno – I like mostly the same foods, I like the same music, I like the same stupid jokes – I’m still mischievous as hell and like to make people laugh.  My best friend from high school and my sister are still my favorite people in the world.

I guess I’m still me – just new & improved.  New coat of paint – a little structural shoring up.  Yep – It’s Sherryness!

My Morning Blog-It

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I’m trying to get into the habit of blogging every morning.  I’ve neglected my blog for the most part for a really long time.  And I have a lot to say, so might as well spew it here and not bore people in real life.  LOL  At least if you’re here reading this online, you don’t find my rambling boring, hopefully – or you wouldn’t be here!

I thought I would be working right now, but I’m waiting to hear back from two clients, so decided just to work on my own stuff.  I have three really good sites that could do really well if I put as much effort into them as I do my clients’ sites.  And I really want to get some other income going so I can start taking weekends off and for times when business is slow (although it’s been gangbusters since the beginning of this year!).

I’d also like to travel more and spend more one-on-one time with Charlie.  Sis and Charlie and I are going to San Francisco in June (which I’ve mentioned several times – yes, I’m excited!), and I have a good friend who lives near Lake Chelan wh0 I don’t see enough.  I also would like to get to some of these conferences like WordCamp and some of the Social Media conferences they have around the country.  Could be very good for business.  I also have a chance to go to England this year, and I’ve wanted to go since I was 15, so I don’t want to miss that!

So yeah, I’ll be working on those other sites today.  Charlie & I are also meeting Donna for a quick lunch, but that’s about it for my big Sunday plans.  Apparently if I lived in the U.K. I’d be celebrating Mother’s Day today – I learned that from some people on Twitter.  Twitter is just such a fount of information – I should write a blog post on all the positive effect Twitter has had on my business!

Once I start rambling, I know it’s time to sign off.  Later!

Twitter Update

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Twitter is down right now, so I’m making a good old-fashioned blog entry for a change. It will be short, though. I have a busy morning but wanted to “take five” for my caffeine and blog-a-bit (which is usually Twitter) before digging in/moving on with my day.

If I could just get through my e-mails, I could actually get some work done. But I had so many e-mails to answer this morning, that I’m probably not going to get any work done before I have to go do some on-site work. I’ll pick up the work when I get home this afternoon – If I don’t have too many e-mails to answer by then!

Charlie is off of school today. “Teacher work day!” I don’t mind a few teacher work days throughout the year, but it seems like they have one almost every single month in this school district. I might not even balk at that, but too many of them occur just before Spring Break, just before Christmas break, just before the Memorial day weekend holiday, etc. Makes me wonder how much “work” they are actually getting done on those days. Especially after the snow days we had in December that were *supposed* to be made up on two of the teacher work days that were before Spring Break and before the Memorial Day Holiday got changed back – due to the union’s insistence on “sticking to the contract.” Now those days are being made up at the end of the school year. Makes me think someone whined because their long-weekend/vacation plans were interefered with – and not because they really, really wanted to *work* on those teacher work days. I could be wrong . . .

Well, I should get some e-mails finished and get ready to go. Sis is watching Charlie while I do some on-site work, then I’m going out tonight. Was supposed to go out with Brad, I thought, but he can’t make it tonight. So just going to a function I know about. I’ve been making a lot of positive changes in my life lately, and forcing myself to be more social is one of them!

I wonder if Twitter is back . . .

7 Years Of Charie & Me

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Wow, Charlie has been in my life for more than seven years! (Including pregnancy). Even more amazing, there are people who still follow my blog who followed it when I was pregnant (back before, when it was on Diary-X). I know I don’t post as much about Charlie as I used to, so I thought I’d post this retrospective, going backwards. Most are pics of Charlie & me, but some are just Charlie, because the were too cute to resist posting:


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For the first time since 2002, I actually have tickets to an upcoming concert! And it’s a doozie! Leonard Cohen in Seattle, April 23rd! yay! I’m going with my friend Brad, who is the biggest Leonard Cohen fan I know besides myself.

This will be a once-in-a-lifetime amazing concert, I just know it. I’ve idolized Leonard Cohen for so long. His outlook, his career, his gift with the written word, his love of poetry. He truly agonizes over choosing just the right words when expressing a thought. Not just for their meaning, but for their sound – the aesthetic beauty of the words themselves. And not only does it show in his work, but it impresses me so much as an avid appreciator of well-crafted prose and poetry.

Here is a Review of Leonard Cohen I wrote a couple of years ago that pretty much sums it all up.

Oh, and this: I’M SO EXCITED! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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