Boy-Butter Annnounces: Boy-Butter Bonerz

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Boy-Butter’s New Performance Capsules With Boy-Agra!
Boy Butter BonerzBoy Butter, known widely for their personal lubricants, marketed to gay men, has taken another step toward enhancing male pleasure.  They announced today that they will be selling Boy Butter Bonerz (wow, that sounds like Boy Butter “boners” doesn’t it?) starting in February, both online and in stores.Wow, what a perfect item.  What with feeling “…like a horny eighteen-year-old again” and that it lasts for “36 hours,” it’s the —- that keeps on giving.  I guess this is one of those items that is for both of you.  Kind of like when a man gives his wife or girlfriend a revealing negligee – who is it really for?

Of course, whether you can truly get boners from Boy Butter Bonerz is one of those “do herbal remedies really work” kinds of questions.  And this is an herbal formula.  Their claim is that it is “36-hours of fun in a safe, effective herbal formula without ‘speedy’ side effects. “What is different about Boy Butter Bonerz that sets it apart from other male performance herbal products?  The answer to that seems to be simply marketing.  Eyal Feldman, creator of Boy Butter, says, “… I noticed they are all targeted and compete for a generic male demographic.  Using our Boy Butter branding, which is highly-recognized in the gay market, we packaged an excellent 36 hour formula with an unforgettable brand name, Boy Butter Bonerz with Boy-Agra.”

Any other difference from other herbal male performance remedies is unclear.  I could not find anything on their site with a listing of ingredients.  What I did find on their site (Boy Butter) said, “BOY BUTTER BONERZ is a truly revolutionary Male Performance Enhancer created from natural herb extracts offers a safe alternative to Viagra, Cialis, Levitra without a prescription.”  They don’t say what is different about their product, they only state it is “truly revolutionary.”  They claim, “You will experience larger erections due to increased blood flow.”  And they offer a refund if you don’t experience “total satisfaction.”  (I wonder how you can prove something like that.  Maybe they just take you at your word.)

It seems the branding and marketing, and the fun, crazy, wacky name, will make this product a hit when it hits the marketplace.  But whether or not it has staying power (pun intended) will be something that only time and customer loyalty can tell.There is a link from their site to purchase Boy Butter Bonerz in a single-capsule blister pack for a “sale price” of $5.99 (regular price $6.99).  You can order now, but it won’t ship until the second week of February.


  • Press Release from Boy Butter
  • Boy Butter Web Site

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