Thanks For The Coupon and Bad Service

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Thanks For the Coupon and Bad ServiceQFC had an offer a few weeks ago that if you transfer a prescription to them from somewhere else, they would give you a coupon for $25 in free groceries. I decided to take them up on it, because they are closer to me than the pharmacy I’ve been going to for years. Plus $25 in free groceries sounded good.

Unfortunately, the service was so bad, and they were so rude to me, that I’ll be transferring my prescriptions right back to my old place. At my old pharmacy, they’re always nice, know me and my son well, and it’s just nice to go to somewhere familiar.

At QFC, it took hours to get the prescription ready, when my old place usually has it in 15-20 minutes. They seemingly lied on the phone when I called to check on it and told me they “had just done it,” as when I arrived, they were in the middle of doing it – they hadn’t even started when I called, I’m sure. And then the person who rang me up was rude to me, and rolled her eyes and glared at me when the keypad I was using to complete the transaction said things she didn’t expect it to say (wasn’t my fault). She then flipped through the advertisement to find the $25 offer (they made me bring in a flyer, even though it was an on-going offer and not a coupon to clip), and then sighed when she found it and proceeded to add the $25 coupon to my QFC Advantage Card with no small amount of impatience.

After that ordeal, I left the prescription counter, loaded up on $25 worth of loss-leaders in the store and checked out. Oh, and about 1 minute before reaching the check-stand up front, the power in the store went out. The emergency power came on, and I was able to check out. But I left there with such an all-around bad impression of the place. I was just kind of shaking my head and laughing, and thinking to myself, “Thanks for giving me $25 in free groceries so you could show me how terrible your pharmacy is.”

Classic Caturday

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Hey, I finally did a Caturday – sort of!

Crazy News Day

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Wow, today is chock full of crazy.  From nobodies to big somebodies to has-beens – Things are just insane today, and in major “shake up” kind of ways.

Where to begin?  I can’t begin to prioritize these, so I’m just going to list things I saw today that stood out to me – either on their own or because it was news at the same time as so much other stuff – in no particular order.

New York governor resigns due to a sex scandal – not just sex, but hooker-sex, and high-priced hooker-sex at that.  Paving the way for Lt. Gov. David Paterson to step in as governor.  He will be New York’s first black governor and the nations first (legally) blind governor.

Geraldine Ferraro steps down from the Clinton finance committee over flap about her opinion that Barack Obama would not have made it as far as he has if it were not for his race.

A woman is forgotten in a holding cell at a courthouse for four days in NorthWestern Arkansas – with no food, water, toilet, bed, etc.  An absolute horror.

A man calls police because he has decided that “something is wrong” with his girlfriend.  The girlfriend in question has been sitting on a toilet seat for 2 years, seemingly her own choice, while he brings her food and water.  She had to have the toilet seat removed from her body at a hospital.

The state of Iowa decides to play catch-up with the rest of the world and pass a public smoking ban.  But the “exemptions” remove a lot of its power.  Pretty typical of the “get ‘er halfway done and it’s good enough” attitude that I’ve sensed around here in the year I’ve lived here.

Southwest grounds 41 of its planes based on them apparently not having been inspected, as they are supposed to be, for structural soundness.  People are being fired left and right.  41 planes is a significant number.

That’s all I can remember for now.  Isn’t that enough?  Just kind of crazy out there.


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Increasingly as I get older, periods of extreme physical and emotional distress will wipe me out to the point of plunging me into sleep, on the spot, literally.

It started when I was in labor.  The epidural only worked on one half of my body, and I was in horrific pain during contractions.  The moment the contraction was over, I would pass out cold, only to awake when the next one started, until I finally gave birth.  Then I was fine, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

The next time that happened was when my hernia got constricted or whatever it’s called.  My body would go through phases of trying to move my intestines, as bodies do, and this horrific pain (very near to child birth pain) would wash over me.  When my body gave up that attempt, boom – pass out into oblivion until the next one started.  That was until they put the nasopharangeal tube down my nose to my stomach and started vacumming out the contents, and wham!  I was asleep for about the next 3 hours.

Then last year, while driving to Iowa, I went through a horrific snowstorm in Wyoming with blowing snow over the interstate.  I couldn’t see more than 3 feet in front of me, but I couldn’t slow down below 55 or I’d be hit from behind by these semi trucks that were just blasting on through.  This was in the mountains, so I had the added stress of worry that I was going to plunge over the side of the mountain at any moment.  It wouldn’t have been so bad, but I had my 4-year-old in the car with me, sound asleep – was scared to death of crashing and hurting him.

And I nearly passed out from the stress every time the snow would let up just a little.  That happened once when I got to Des Moines, too, and I was driving on the freeway in a pretty bad snowstorm (have made sure that doesn’t happen again), and it was all I could do to keep from plunging into a deep sleep.

I understand this to be narcolepsy, but fortunately I seem to be not as much susceptible to it if I know I am needed at full faculty.  It does scare me a bit.  Hopefully it’s not something that gets worse as you get older.  I never did experience it even once until I was 35 and was giving birth.


ADDENDUM:  Oh, and the thing that made me think of this, I had a root canal at a dental college about 3 or 4 weeks ago that was horribly painful – they couldn’t get the anesthesia right, and I finally just told them it was fine.  Every time they clipped away at the pulp/nerve endings, I could feel every bit of it.  And when they would stop, I would immediately zonk out.  And on the way home I could barely keep my eyes open on the road.  I guess my body just shuts down after periods of extreme intensity.

Workaholic and Insomniac is Not a Good Combination

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Waiting to hear back from fellow bloggers – and it’s after 1o p.m. central.  Any NORMAL person would realize that work has stopped for the day and no answer will be forthcoming until TOMORROW.  But not me….

 I don’t stop.  Someday, sometime, maybe I’ll take a vacation.  But not now… there is too much going on!  Some of my sites:


Criminal Justice Society

Sherry Dedman Design Services

Fluffy Net

Firenze of Tuscany

and many more

See for my portfolio of designed sites for other people.

 Or see my Content Producer’s Page on Associated Content for copy writing, articles, research papers, commentary, etc.

No, as a matter of fact, I don’t sleep……

Video of one of the Tornadoes Around Izard County, Arkansas, February 5, 2008

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Here is a great video I found on YouTube of one of the tornadoes that happened on Super Tuesday around Izard County, Arkansas.  It’s hard to capture a tornado on video at night, but this person did it!  It appears with the strikes of lightening!  Absolutely amazing and frightening.  Kudos to you my friend. 

Pause it at around 13/14 seconds for best effect!  (Also around 25 seconds.)  And if you like it, please “Digg” it on the Digg tag below it – thanks!

John Cusack in the Evil Room, ‘1408′

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Here is a great spoof someone did of the movie, 1408 with John Cusack.  The new premise seems to be that the reason room 1408 is so evil is because of the next door neighbors playing their music unbearably loudly!  This is cleverly put together and actually really well done, especially when it comes to the audio.  The guy who put this together didn’t just add music over the visuals, he sort of muted it and cranked the bass a bit to make it sound like it was coming through the wall!

Spoiler Alert!  Watching this spoof could give away some things about this movie if you’ve never seen it.  I don’t really like scary movies, usually, but this one was really different and I liked it – so recommend it.  So keep the spoiler warning in mind when deciding whether to watch this spoofed trailer.

1408 Trailer – Spoof:

Boy-Butter Annnounces: Boy-Butter Bonerz

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Boy-Butter’s New Performance Capsules With Boy-Agra!
Boy Butter BonerzBoy Butter, known widely for their personal lubricants, marketed to gay men, has taken another step toward enhancing male pleasure.  They announced today that they will be selling Boy Butter Bonerz (wow, that sounds like Boy Butter “boners” doesn’t it?) starting in February, both online and in stores.Wow, what a perfect item.  What with feeling “…like a horny eighteen-year-old again” and that it lasts for “36 hours,” it’s the —- that keeps on giving.  I guess this is one of those items that is for both of you.  Kind of like when a man gives his wife or girlfriend a revealing negligee – who is it really for?

Of course, whether you can truly get boners from Boy Butter Bonerz is one of those “do herbal remedies really work” kinds of questions.  And this is an herbal formula.  Their claim is that it is “36-hours of fun in a safe, effective herbal formula without ‘speedy’ side effects. “What is different about Boy Butter Bonerz that sets it apart from other male performance herbal products?  The answer to that seems to be simply marketing.  Eyal Feldman, creator of Boy Butter, says, “… I noticed they are all targeted and compete for a generic male demographic.  Using our Boy Butter branding, which is highly-recognized in the gay market, we packaged an excellent 36 hour formula with an unforgettable brand name, Boy Butter Bonerz with Boy-Agra.”

Any other difference from other herbal male performance remedies is unclear.  I could not find anything on their site with a listing of ingredients.  What I did find on their site (Boy Butter) said, “BOY BUTTER BONERZ is a truly revolutionary Male Performance Enhancer created from natural herb extracts offers a safe alternative to Viagra, Cialis, Levitra without a prescription.”  They don’t say what is different about their product, they only state it is “truly revolutionary.”  They claim, “You will experience larger erections due to increased blood flow.”  And they offer a refund if you don’t experience “total satisfaction.”  (I wonder how you can prove something like that.  Maybe they just take you at your word.)

It seems the branding and marketing, and the fun, crazy, wacky name, will make this product a hit when it hits the marketplace.  But whether or not it has staying power (pun intended) will be something that only time and customer loyalty can tell.There is a link from their site to purchase Boy Butter Bonerz in a single-capsule blister pack for a “sale price” of $5.99 (regular price $6.99).  You can order now, but it won’t ship until the second week of February.


  • Press Release from Boy Butter
  • Boy Butter Web Site

Tuesday’s Brilliant Stuff – Scary Story, Music-Maker, Einstein and Controversy!

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That's bloody BRILLIANT!

Brilliant Stuff for Tuesday, January 22, 2008:

Very Short Story:  I like this guy’s writing.  I’ll have to post a link to the zombie story, soon, that one was actually even better.  Oh what the heck – here are both of them Beat Yourself Up Over It and I Am A Zombie Filled With Love.  I just love the zombie one….

Time Waster/Music Maker:  Wow, how to describe this… It’s a little on-line synthesizer that is inuitive and easy to use.  Cute graphics, and you make the music by pushing different keys on your computer keyboard.  You can even record something, once you’ve established a bit of a song!  I just love the keys that play bits of sampled rap.  LOL  Find it HERE

Brilliant Quote of The Day:  “A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.” –Albert Einstein

Propaganda:  Here is a cartoon that best-describes the crux of the writers’ strike going on.  Quick and to the point!  I totally get it, and I totally support them!  View it here.  Brilliant!

Newsflash: Amethysts Are Uncertain of God’s Existence

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Some days it is a severe undertatement to say that I am just astounded by the sheer quantity and quality of stupidity that surrounds me.

 First of all, an assistant professor named Lydia Hartunian said that a misconception about atheists is that people think they don’t believe in God.  She said that, actually, atheists are uncertain about whether or not there is a God.

 Woah.  Ms. Hartunian, people who are not certain of the existence of God are called agnostics.  And, in fact, people who do not believe there is a God are called atheists.  It is you who are confused.  Astoundingly so, for an academic person.

 Second, in the news story below which reports this fact, the news writer uses the wrong word and instead of saying “atheists” says “amethysts.”  Really, really, really unbelievable.

I guess my third problem with this atheist “movement” is the fact that she seems to be trying to make a religion out of not believing in God.  I myself am not a religious person, but I’m not about to join a movement of people who feel the same way about it.  That would kind of defeat the point.

Here is the news story, as posted on the KCCI news site:
Amethysts Uncertain of God’s Existence Look for the wrong word within the body of the story (it’s not long).

UPDATE:  The news site has now corrected its error.

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