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So as not to irritate my readers, I am separating out a few of the issues I cover here at times, and making new, separate blogs for them.

Big Brother 9 starts tonight, and I want to do some big time blogging on the show, analysis of personalities, characters, the “twist,” and just basically have fun and gossip about the show.

So I am utilizing a domain I bought but havent’t decided on a use for yet to hold my new Big Brother Blog for the duration of the show.  If you want to follow it at all, it is at

Yes, that’s UniversalPartyTime.  A friend of mine once used that phrase when I told him the party we were going to on Saturday night started at 8 ‘o clock.  LOL

Anyway, I haven’t “personalized” the theme yet, so it’s kind of bland.  And it’s brand new, so there is just the one introductory post there right now.  But more is coming very soon!  Aren’t you thrilled???

Big Brother 9 Winter Houseguests Cast Video

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I actually found a video of the Big Brother 9 Winter Houseguests!  I only went looking for a cast list or something – some kind of scoop on who will be on Big Brother 9 this winter (CBS, February 12, 2008 at 9/8 p.m.)  I thought if I really scoured the internet, I might at least come up with a name or two and a couple of virtually verifiable rumors.  And was I surprised when I found an actual video of most, if not all of them, with Big Brother All Star Janelle hosting it!

Here is a run-down of my thougths on some of the houseguests they showed.  I’ll post the link at the end here, so you can come back and comment and give your own thoughts!

Allison, 28, Boston MA – It’s kind of hard to get the personality of the person from what they showed.  She said, “I’m the girl next door (pause) who has a gambling addiction.”  She seems to find it interesting that she once lost over 5 million dollars.

Natalie, 28, Salem OR – Her occupation is listed as “bikini barista.”  Somehow I think I’m getting a sense of her personality just from that!  A quote from her, “I’m not the stripper type.”  Good to know!

Sheila, 45, Reseda, CA – Interestingly, it sounds like producers of Big Brother listened to the fans when they said they wanted some older people on Big Brother.  Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to improve the quality!  Her introductory quote, “I’m 45, and if there’s a really hot guy in the house, and he’s sexy, I would definitely hook up!”  hmmmmm…. thanks for sharing that.  Occupation: “Former Model”  ::sigh::

Adam, 29, Del Ray Beach, FL – Describes himself as self-centered but doesn’t know whether or not he is an “alpha male.”  He looks like someone they chose to fill the “regular guy” slot, but he seems like kind of a jerk.  His occupation is listed as “Public Relations Manager” so it will interesting to see how he uses his spinning skills to his advantage in the house.

Joshuah, 25, Dallas, TX – Possibly the first admittedly bisexual houseguest?  He says he is “attracted to the All-American guy” or a certain type of woman, which he goes on to describe in extreme detail!

Parker, 26, Northridge, CA – His introductory quote: “Believe it or not, I was voted biggest gossip in high school.”  His occupation:  “Paparazzo”  Somehow I believe his statement about being voted biggest gossip!  I mean, who lists their OCCUPATION as “paparazzo???”  Most would say “journalist” or “camera man” or “photographer” or “columnist” or something.  Something tells me this guy does not put on airs, at least!

Jacob, 23, Dallas, GA – He tells us very, very sincerely, “I will not backstab you, or anything like that.”  Then goes on to say, “But I will be deceiving.”  Something tells me this person understands the art of subtlety; he will be an interesting one to watch!

Chelsia, 21, Cedar Falls, IA – Says she doesn’t fear the cameras in the bathroom since she is a girl.  She said, and I quote, “I’m a girl, ok?  We poop.”  I wonder what she thinks boys do????

As promised, here is the link!  Go watch it, then come back and let me know what you think!  Only 3 more days until it starts!

John Cusack in the Evil Room, ‘1408′

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Here is a great spoof someone did of the movie, 1408 with John Cusack.  The new premise seems to be that the reason room 1408 is so evil is because of the next door neighbors playing their music unbearably loudly!  This is cleverly put together and actually really well done, especially when it comes to the audio.  The guy who put this together didn’t just add music over the visuals, he sort of muted it and cranked the bass a bit to make it sound like it was coming through the wall!

Spoiler Alert!  Watching this spoof could give away some things about this movie if you’ve never seen it.  I don’t really like scary movies, usually, but this one was really different and I liked it – so recommend it.  So keep the spoiler warning in mind when deciding whether to watch this spoofed trailer.

1408 Trailer – Spoof:

‘Red Carpet Massacre’ by Duran Duran Due Out November 13, 2007

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My preview of ‘Red Carpet Massacre’ by Duran Duran:

‘Red Carpet Massacre’ a Preview of Duran Duran’s New Album Due Out November 13, 2007 By Sherry Dedman, Nov 06, 2007

Red Carpet Massacre by Duran Duran The band, their fans, their producers and their promoters are all exuding an excitement for Duran Duran’s impending release, ‘Red Carpet Massacre’, which hearkens back to the excitement of the band’s earlier days. Does the music hold up to all the fuss? Read more»

Dancing With The Stars – Scary Spice?

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I’ve been a fan of ball room dancing for a long time.  And I’m a fan of a few stars here and there.  So why I have never seen “Dancing with the Stars” is beyond me.  I think I will set it up to record on TiVo next chance I get.  How bad could it be?  Maybe it will be entertaining.

 I just heard that Scary Spice (known at times as ‘Melanie Brown’) has just joined for the next season of “Dancing With The Stars.”  Apparently she was originally reported to be a judge, but now she is going to actually dance.  I don’t recall – did the Spice Girls dance or anything?  I totally forget that era!

 Also on the ticket with Scary Spice for “Dancing With The Stars” are Wayne Newton, Jennie Garth,  Jane Seymour,  and Marie Osmond.  It’s scheduled to start airing September 24th.

That Was Weird

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I saw Amadeus when it first came out in the 80s, but I hadn’t seen it since then until about a month ago.

In the meantime, I’ve been watching Sex & The City for the last few years. How are the two related? Well you might wonder…

When I re-watched Amadeus I recognized, as the maid Saliere hires for Mozart with the ulterior motive to spy on him, Cynthia Nixon; she plays Miranda on Sex & The City!

She was very young and had shoulder-length blonde hair. But it was pretty obvious it was her.

Weird how people who go in and out of your consiousness when they appear the first time can just jump out at you when you go back and re-watch something older. Especially if they have achieved some noteriety.

It reminds me of when I saw Peggy Sue Got Married. Apart from Nicholas Cage’s character (Crazy Charlie), none of the male co-stars really stood out to me. But when I went back and re-watched it several years later, Jim Carrey jumped right out at me as one of those. Funny.

Well Gee, That Only Took 20 Years Or So…

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I always thought Patrick Dempsey was hot. Back in the late 80s/early 90s I rented all his movies. I also looked for “star” info about him – stuff in magazines and stuff. There was none. I finally gave up.

Now he is on “Grey’s Anatomy” and everyone is discovering just how hot he is. Yeah, he is SUPER hot now – but I always knew he was hot. He is on the cover of magazines now – where were these magazines 20 years ago?

Sheesh – it’s like George Clooney syndrome or something.

Back off girls, I saw him first. hahahahahaaa…..