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I just realized that I moved to Iowa and have been baking apple pies and watching Desperate Housewifes and going to parent-teacher meetings and stuff…..

 What happened to ME????

‘Boston Legal’ or “That’s so fucked up…”

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These days, in order to see a “smart comedy” on television, you have tune in to a drama.



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Abortion as birth control sickens me. But that is just my personal opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

But I wish I would stop hearing men say they feel victimized by the fact that they don’t “get” to make the choice. Let’s forget for a moment that your “choice” occurred before your decision to have sex.

Let’s say you get a woman pregnant. She doesn’t tell you until it’s “too late” – thusly you shouldn’t be repsonsible for the resulting pregnancy, because had you known, you would have pushed for an abortion – supposedly…

Ok, so you get a woman pregnant and she tells you right away. This is a woman you are seeing strictly for sex and whom you have minimal to no feelings for. You tell her to have an abortion and you pay for it.

Are you in the clear? Morally, no. This woman is now changed forever – having carried a life inside her and killed it – having to deal with that emotional scar for the rest of her life.

Even if it is totally the right thing to do, she is going to have emotional, and probably physical, fallout from it.

But the man thinks once the fetus is killed, everything is re-set to zero, the way it was before he fucked the woman he got pregnant, and all is right with the world.

Wrong. So, so very wrong. You can’t say, “If I’d known I would have chosen to abort, therefore should not be responsible…”

Because you ARE responsible. Even if she DOES decide to abort – you and your choices have caused a life to happen – and then be either born out (literally) or cut short before having a chance to grow.

And the woman, the beautiful, fragile, strong, trusting, cynical, etc. person who carried this life will be forever affected, if she is in the least human….

And you can’t just “abort” it and call it even.

My biggest bitch with deadbeat dads is that they want to pretend their children don’t/never exist(ed).

I’m too tired to explain how very full of shit you are and how very wrong you are. Go fuck yourself “(Fred)Eric(k)”…..

Jason Fortuny

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Have you ever heard the phrase “be careful what you ask for because you might get it?”

I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the people Jason Fortuny “outed” with his little prank took him up on his original proposition. I think he must be one of these people who only think of the “legal” ramifications of things – and not the practical nor the personal.

No one I know was on his list, heh (yeah, I looked). That’s kind of interesting considering some of the people I know – but I digress.

The desire for “rough sex” or bdsm or any of those things is usually just a bent that needs to vent – needs an outlet – and those people should not be ridiculed or feared, etc. But a small portion of those do take it seriously. And are truly B-E-N-T beyond being reasoned with.

So why would anywone with half a brain deliberately taunt, anger, and enrage someone like that? I’m guessing he must be a masochist or really stupid. Who knows?

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of him being physically assaulted over his little prank. Social experiment? Social commentary? I don’t think so.

Bored little baby with nothing better to do is more like it.


Yo – There’s a difference between a bob and a blunt cut, beeyotch

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Damned 16 dollar haircut. Not worth half that.

When will I learn?

And no, I’m not posting a pic.

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