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So as not to irritate my readers, I am separating out a few of the issues I cover here at times, and making new, separate blogs for them.

Big Brother 9 starts tonight, and I want to do some big time blogging on the show, analysis of personalities, characters, the “twist,” and just basically have fun and gossip about the show.

So I am utilizing a domain I bought but havent’t decided on a use for yet to hold my new Big Brother Blog for the duration of the show.  If you want to follow it at all, it is at

Yes, that’s UniversalPartyTime.  A friend of mine once used that phrase when I told him the party we were going to on Saturday night started at 8 ‘o clock.  LOL

Anyway, I haven’t “personalized” the theme yet, so it’s kind of bland.  And it’s brand new, so there is just the one introductory post there right now.  But more is coming very soon!  Aren’t you thrilled???

Big Brother 9 Winter Houseguests Cast Video

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I actually found a video of the Big Brother 9 Winter Houseguests!  I only went looking for a cast list or something – some kind of scoop on who will be on Big Brother 9 this winter (CBS, February 12, 2008 at 9/8 p.m.)  I thought if I really scoured the internet, I might at least come up with a name or two and a couple of virtually verifiable rumors.  And was I surprised when I found an actual video of most, if not all of them, with Big Brother All Star Janelle hosting it!

Here is a run-down of my thougths on some of the houseguests they showed.  I’ll post the link at the end here, so you can come back and comment and give your own thoughts!

Allison, 28, Boston MA – It’s kind of hard to get the personality of the person from what they showed.  She said, “I’m the girl next door (pause) who has a gambling addiction.”  She seems to find it interesting that she once lost over 5 million dollars.

Natalie, 28, Salem OR – Her occupation is listed as “bikini barista.”  Somehow I think I’m getting a sense of her personality just from that!  A quote from her, “I’m not the stripper type.”  Good to know!

Sheila, 45, Reseda, CA – Interestingly, it sounds like producers of Big Brother listened to the fans when they said they wanted some older people on Big Brother.  Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to improve the quality!  Her introductory quote, “I’m 45, and if there’s a really hot guy in the house, and he’s sexy, I would definitely hook up!”  hmmmmm…. thanks for sharing that.  Occupation: “Former Model”  ::sigh::

Adam, 29, Del Ray Beach, FL – Describes himself as self-centered but doesn’t know whether or not he is an “alpha male.”  He looks like someone they chose to fill the “regular guy” slot, but he seems like kind of a jerk.  His occupation is listed as “Public Relations Manager” so it will interesting to see how he uses his spinning skills to his advantage in the house.

Joshuah, 25, Dallas, TX – Possibly the first admittedly bisexual houseguest?  He says he is “attracted to the All-American guy” or a certain type of woman, which he goes on to describe in extreme detail!

Parker, 26, Northridge, CA – His introductory quote: “Believe it or not, I was voted biggest gossip in high school.”  His occupation:  “Paparazzo”  Somehow I believe his statement about being voted biggest gossip!  I mean, who lists their OCCUPATION as “paparazzo???”  Most would say “journalist” or “camera man” or “photographer” or “columnist” or something.  Something tells me this guy does not put on airs, at least!

Jacob, 23, Dallas, GA – He tells us very, very sincerely, “I will not backstab you, or anything like that.”  Then goes on to say, “But I will be deceiving.”  Something tells me this person understands the art of subtlety; he will be an interesting one to watch!

Chelsia, 21, Cedar Falls, IA – Says she doesn’t fear the cameras in the bathroom since she is a girl.  She said, and I quote, “I’m a girl, ok?  We poop.”  I wonder what she thinks boys do????

As promised, here is the link!  Go watch it, then come back and let me know what you think!  Only 3 more days until it starts!

Big Brother 9: Big Brother in the Winter?

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Big Brother 9 set to start on CBS February 12, 2008 at 9/8 Central Time

CBS has announced on that Big Brother 9 will begin a bit early this year.  February 12, 2008, to be exact.   (Is this the “winter games” version of the show?)  No word yet on whether or not this replaces the Big Brother that would be on this summer, or would be an additional season, amounting to two seasons of Big Brother during 2008.  But one thing is for sure:  Big Brother 9 WILL start February 12.

They have also announced that they will be bringing back, “Big Brother After Dark” on Showtime’s Show Too sister station.  This could make for some interesting live-blogging.  A lot of last year’s most interesting moments happened while “Big Brother After Dark” was airing.  Case in point, the big Jen vs. Dick fight from Big Brother 8.

What will the Big Brother 9 twist be?  There are a lot of rumors floating around.  One of the big ones was that BB9 would be a celebrity edition, but that rumor has been put to rest.  Another was that Dick Donato, winner of BB8, would be returning.  That rumor has not so solidly been squashed, but neither has it been proven!

According to producer Alison Grodner, America’s Player will not be returning.  “That’s really hard to do twice,” Grodner said. “Anyone coming to be a part of ‘Big Brother’ this year would know about it and we’d hate to have people act differently because they think that the viewers are in control. … That doesn’t mean that it couldn’t return in some other way, but doing exactly what we did again, no.”  (Source:  New York Daily News)

So what is left in the way of twists?  One persistent rumor is that BB9’s twist will have something to do with ‘dirty little secrets’ and will based on one season of the French version of Big Brother, which was called, “Secret Story.”  Apparently there is a promotion for BB9 right now that has part of the song “Dirty Little Secrets” playing in the background.  Another of the more persistent rumors is that this BB9 will only last six weeks, but will still have 14 players, thus driving even more speculation on twists and unexpected evictions.  (Source – CBS Big Brother 9 Insider)

The reason behind this unusual winter season of Big Brother seems to be the writers’ strike, which makes a lot of sense.  So maybe we can look forward to an additional season of Amazing Race as well.

Big Brother 9 will premiere February 12, 2008 at 9/8 central and will again be hosted by Julie Chen.

Tuesday’s Brilliant Stuff – Scary Story, Music-Maker, Einstein and Controversy!

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That's bloody BRILLIANT!

Brilliant Stuff for Tuesday, January 22, 2008:

Very Short Story:  I like this guy’s writing.  I’ll have to post a link to the zombie story, soon, that one was actually even better.  Oh what the heck – here are both of them Beat Yourself Up Over It and I Am A Zombie Filled With Love.  I just love the zombie one….

Time Waster/Music Maker:  Wow, how to describe this… It’s a little on-line synthesizer that is inuitive and easy to use.  Cute graphics, and you make the music by pushing different keys on your computer keyboard.  You can even record something, once you’ve established a bit of a song!  I just love the keys that play bits of sampled rap.  LOL  Find it HERE

Brilliant Quote of The Day:  “A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.” –Albert Einstein

Propaganda:  Here is a cartoon that best-describes the crux of the writers’ strike going on.  Quick and to the point!  I totally get it, and I totally support them!  View it here.  Brilliant!

Newsflash: Amethysts Are Uncertain of God’s Existence

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Some days it is a severe undertatement to say that I am just astounded by the sheer quantity and quality of stupidity that surrounds me.

 First of all, an assistant professor named Lydia Hartunian said that a misconception about atheists is that people think they don’t believe in God.  She said that, actually, atheists are uncertain about whether or not there is a God.

 Woah.  Ms. Hartunian, people who are not certain of the existence of God are called agnostics.  And, in fact, people who do not believe there is a God are called atheists.  It is you who are confused.  Astoundingly so, for an academic person.

 Second, in the news story below which reports this fact, the news writer uses the wrong word and instead of saying “atheists” says “amethysts.”  Really, really, really unbelievable.

I guess my third problem with this atheist “movement” is the fact that she seems to be trying to make a religion out of not believing in God.  I myself am not a religious person, but I’m not about to join a movement of people who feel the same way about it.  That would kind of defeat the point.

Here is the news story, as posted on the KCCI news site:
Amethysts Uncertain of God’s Existence Look for the wrong word within the body of the story (it’s not long).

UPDATE:  The news site has now corrected its error.


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I just realized that I moved to Iowa and have been baking apple pies and watching Desperate Housewifes and going to parent-teacher meetings and stuff…..

 What happened to ME????

Geico Cavemen Get Their Own Show On ABC

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The Geico caveman show (called “Cavemen”) will start on ABC on Tuesday, October 2nd.  I always wonder whether Geico got the idea for these cavemen commercials from Satruday Night Live’s “Caveman Lawyer” skits.  Who was it who played that particular cavemen?  Phil Hartman?  Anyway, I hate commercials with a passion, but these cavemen commercials have been pretty funny, I think.

Are they funny enough for a whole TV series?  I dunno.  It’s my first instinct to say “no.”  But then I remember it’s just television, not high art, and that the TV show “Alf” ran for several seasons.

So I see a few things happening.  If they get great writers and people tune in, they’ll be fine.  Good writing can almost always make any show.  If the writing is childish and people tune in, they might still be fine – there is a large demographical section of the population childish writing will appeal to.  Look at the success of ‘Married With Children.’

If the writing is just so-so and people don’t tune in much (and the hype may have time to wear off, since the show is not starting until October 2nd) and the jokes fall flat, childish or not…. Well, it’s just going to be a big yawner and not last very many episodes.

So, as with any new show, only time will tell!

“Hi, Bob!” Bob Newhart Marathon on TV Land Monday

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Serendipity?  Coincidence?  How fortuitous is it that there is a Bob Newhart marathon coming up Monday night on TV Land?  I just finished Bob Newhart’s book (Hi, Bob!) called, “I Shouldn’t Even Be Doing This!” about a week ago, and now here is this marathon.

 I got the book in a fit of nostalgia.  I bought another book at the same time (Peter Falk’s memoir “Just One More Thing”).  And after reading the book, I had wanted to catch a few Bob Newhart shows to give my brain even more of a ride in the “wayback machine.”

I was just a kid, but I remember well Saturday nights when Bob Newhart and Mary Tyler Moore were on, followed by the Carol Burnett Show.  And if I’m remembering the night wrong, remember that I was only 7 when when the Bob Newhart show first started!

Anyway, the book was really funny, and I enjoyed reading about how this funny guy honed his talent and worked his way into the mainstream of American comedy.

I do highly recommend it – both the book and the marathon!  I know I’ll be watching.