ATM of Video of Tornado Destroying House in Parkersburg, Iowa

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Tornadoes. Just one of the many reasons I am glad I don’t live in Iowa anymore. But definitely one of the biggest. Here is a video that an ATM surveillance camera caught of the E5 tornado in Parkersburg Iowa destroying a house. Absolutely horrifying and hypnotizing at the same time. I hate tornadoes but have a morbid fascination with them.

Currently there is a tornado watch for West Des Moines, Iowa, which is where I lived when I lived in Iowa.

Tornadoes Today?

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I have a pretty good eye for “green air,” and it’s not looking too good out there!  A tornado could really mess up my moving plans…..

I need to do some errands today, but I’m not going out in this.  At the very least, we’re in for some thunderstorms.  I’ll hold my errands until it’s a bit less ominous out there!

Video of one of the Tornadoes Around Izard County, Arkansas, February 5, 2008

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Here is a great video I found on YouTube of one of the tornadoes that happened on Super Tuesday around Izard County, Arkansas.  It’s hard to capture a tornado on video at night, but this person did it!  It appears with the strikes of lightening!  Absolutely amazing and frightening.  Kudos to you my friend. 

Pause it at around 13/14 seconds for best effect!  (Also around 25 seconds.)  And if you like it, please “Digg” it on the Digg tag below it – thanks!