Thinkin’ Bout A Change

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I’m bored with my blog theme.  Thinking about changing it, but I’m not quite sure what I want to do.  There are some life-stream type WordPress themes out there – might try one of those.  They have built-in widgets and things for your Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. streams.  Might be kind of cool.

Visually, I’m thinking dark blues, black, silver and white.  Something starkly different, just for the heck of it!  I’ll have to see what I can come up with.

WordPress Blog with matching bbPress Forum

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Check it out!

Easy Blog Help (WordPress platform)

Easy Blog Help FORUM (bbPress platform)

The forum probably has some glitches, but I’ve been working on this for a long time and wanted to show it off!

Procrastinatory Dollar-Making Wins

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Well, my mind was made up for me.  Do I pack today or drum up a little business?

I started packing – And I hear my e-mail’s audible indicator go off.  Come check – Repeat customers are my best customers!  Got a former customer asking for some WordPress help today, so that’s the main thing I’ll be doing.  It’s actually not that big of a job, so then I can get back to packing unless more work rolls in.

Yay!  I’d rather do WordPress than pack (or just about anything else) any day.

My Love Affair With WordPress Continues

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I Love WordPress!The more I learn about WordPress, the more I love it.  It’s so simple and can do SO much.  One of its biggest strengths is that it’s powered by a community of extremely talented people who truly love it.  People just like you and me who simply contribute something from their particular talent pool.

So you have an endless resource there of ingenuity, ambition, ability and creative ways of coming up with solutions to anything a blog might need.  Plug-Ins for CMS (Content Management Systems), image galleries, contact forms, emoticons, Twitter-updating, social network sharing, video embedding and more.

Which reminds me, the thing that started me on this post, was this video I found with the founder/creator of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg.  Very enjoyable interview and very interesting!  Here it is:

Technorati Wants You to Upgrade to WordPress 2.5

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Technorati has been important to a blog’s popularity for quite awhile now, but just how important is being illustrated in an unlikely way. WordPress released version 2.5 recently, and some chose to stick with 2.3.3 for the time being. Upgrading isn’t ALWAYS, but CAN be, a major underaking depending on the circumstances. So between that and the fact that there were some plug-ins not working on 2.5 and a few other things, it was very reasonable for a lot of WordPress users to just hold off for a bit.

Then suddenly Technorati made this announcement, “…we’ve noticed that a large number of blogs remain vulnerable to the security issue addressed by the 2.3.3 release.” So they stopped pinging blogs on the stand-alone WordPress platform that did not upgrade. This is confusing to me because of the wording. If the issue was addressed in version 2.3.3, doesn’t that mean that 2.3.3 is secure and anything below that is not?

I answered my own question by going to the “Ping” area on Technorati and noticed the blog that I had upgraded to 2.5 had been recently pinged, but that the blog I still had on 2.3.3 had not been pinged for 15 days! I had upgraded to 2.5 on some blogs but stayed at 2.3.3 on others so that I could keep in practice on both. (Yes, 2.5 is just THAT different.) This was important to me so that I could be in “top form” when helping clients no matter which version they were using.

Well, now I didn’t have a choice. I guess you learn how powerful something has become when you realize it has a huge affect on your Google ranking. We’ve all learned the power of Google. But now we are just coming to understand the power of Technorati! I didn’t want to lose ranking either place, so I upgraded.

It’s not so bad. The dashboard takes some getting used to. And I guess everyone will be upgrading now, so I don’t have to be worried about being in practice for helping those who kept 2.3.3. They also saved me some money. I was planning to purchase “WordPress For Dummies” for reference for some of the more esoteric stuff, which is only up-to-date to 2.3.3. And then purchasing the one that covers 2.5 when it comes out. Now I’ll just be needing the one. So I guess they saved me $15+

The Blogger Who Couldn’t Blog

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The only time I get to blog anymore is when I’m pre-testing plug-ins for a client! 🙁

But then, at least I get to put cute pics of Charlie on here………

More later, I hope. Work, work, work…..

Upgraded to WordPress 2.5

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As you can see, there is a lot going on with my blog today.  I decided to go ahead and make the jump to WordPress 2.5.  A few of my clients are asking about upgrading, and other new clients already have.  So I thought I’d better go ahead and immerse myself in it!

As you can see, I took this opportunity to start playing around with a few themes.  My blog will probably be having an “identity crisis” for the next day or two while I make up my mind.

I’ll post as I come across things about 2.5 which seem important to share.  Right now I’m getting all my Plug-Ins re-installed and re-activated, making sure they work right, etc.

Naomi, thanks for your patience and the compliments about Charlie!  It’s definitely hard not to miss that little bundle of joy who was so tiny.  But when he sees lightening outside and says, “Do thunder take your picture?  Or was that lightening?” then I realize that this time is just as precious!  He says the funniest things…


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Click on a picutre!  This lighbox plug-in has a pretty cool effect!


Plug In Test

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WordPress Maven or some such…

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Worked about 13 hours today.  Everyone else’s blogs rock – ’cause I make ’em that way!  But I don’t have time to touch mine, even for an entry.  Well, here’s an entry….

I know I owe you some time, Naomi!  Got a big move coming up – 33 days away – and all this work.  I’ll make it work somehow.  I really do need to get my blog looking like a professional runs it, though!  Soon, very soon…..

In the meantime, if anyone wants to see what I do, basically (or wants to hire me) here it is:

My avocation has become my vocation, my obsession, and my identity.  I am now officially obsessed with WordPress.  I visit the forums daily.  I research and explore all plug-ins and themes.  I work to personalize them and make them my own.

Mostly I troubleshoot and configure the blogs of others.  But I’m learning a lot.  I’ve been forced to learn more php and MySQL and now probably XML as it pertains to writing queries for API’s like Vast and such……

Who knew my humble beginnings in Diary-X would lead me here……

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