Clintons vs Obamas “Two Against One?” Huh???

January 23, 2008 by · Leave a Comment · Filed under: Politics, Rants 

What's with the stupid shit???I’m sure Michelle Obama, who has been campaigning heavily for her husband, speaking at events, giving interviews, etc….  I’m sure she must be a bit INSULTED by Barack Obama claiming that the Clintons are attacking him “Two against one.”  What is Michelle Obama – chopped liver?

First I was for Hillary based on her programs and experience.  Then something Barack Obama said touched me and I switched to his camp for awhile.

But his making an all-out war with The Clintons where there is none, has just put me off to the point where I am back with Hillary.

I will volunteer for her campaign if she is nominated.

“Two against one…” what a whiner.  What a woosy.  What a liar.  I wonder what Michelle Obama had to say about that one!!!!

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