Crazy News Day

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Wow, today is chock full of crazy.  From nobodies to big somebodies to has-beens – Things are just insane today, and in major “shake up” kind of ways.

Where to begin?  I can’t begin to prioritize these, so I’m just going to list things I saw today that stood out to me – either on their own or because it was news at the same time as so much other stuff – in no particular order.

New York governor resigns due to a sex scandal – not just sex, but hooker-sex, and high-priced hooker-sex at that.  Paving the way for Lt. Gov. David Paterson to step in as governor.  He will be New York’s first black governor and the nations first (legally) blind governor.

Geraldine Ferraro steps down from the Clinton finance committee over flap about her opinion that Barack Obama would not have made it as far as he has if it were not for his race.

A woman is forgotten in a holding cell at a courthouse for four days in NorthWestern Arkansas – with no food, water, toilet, bed, etc.  An absolute horror.

A man calls police because he has decided that “something is wrong” with his girlfriend.  The girlfriend in question has been sitting on a toilet seat for 2 years, seemingly her own choice, while he brings her food and water.  She had to have the toilet seat removed from her body at a hospital.

The state of Iowa decides to play catch-up with the rest of the world and pass a public smoking ban.  But the “exemptions” remove a lot of its power.  Pretty typical of the “get ‘er halfway done and it’s good enough” attitude that I’ve sensed around here in the year I’ve lived here.

Southwest grounds 41 of its planes based on them apparently not having been inspected, as they are supposed to be, for structural soundness.  People are being fired left and right.  41 planes is a significant number.

That’s all I can remember for now.  Isn’t that enough?  Just kind of crazy out there.

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One Response to “Crazy News Day”
  1. naomi says:

    ferraro – wasn’t she the one that the cia or nsa investigated…or was it the irs? or was it something about employing an illegal immigrant woman as a maid. anyway, i remember election shenanigans happening when she was running as vice-president.

    you know, i don’t want to think about what kind of toilet ring was left on that woman’s butt. just…*shudder* she gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “in one end and out the other”.