Donna’s Birthday

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Today was Donna’s 39th birthday – Yay! She wanted to go to Olive Garden, so Charlie and I met her and Erik there around 11 a.m. Charlie wasn’t on his best behavior but managed to turn it around a little bit. At least he didn’t hug the waiter and say that he loves him this time! Although that might have been preferable!

After that we went to Donna’s and had cake. I got her an iTunes gift certificate which she claims to love – I hope she does! Then I wanted to get her some earrings, but Charlie pointed to some really pretty ones while I was still looking, so I wound up getting those for her – So those were kind of from Charlie. Then Charlie picked out a candleholder with butterflies and some candles. I thought he actually made better choices for gifts for Donna than I did! I guess he has good taste. 🙂

After that I met briefly with a client, got a second round of coffee (which is one of the reasons why I feel like it’s only about 4:30 when it’s really nearly 9 p.m.!) and came home and worked. Oh, I forgot something at Donna’s so we had to drive back down there, so that was almost another hour.

So here I am working into the night, taking a little break to update my blog since I never do. Not that bad of a Sunday. I just wish we’d been able to go for a walk, but maybe tomorrow.

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One Response to “Donna’s Birthday”
  1. Donna says:

    I have been buying epidoes of Bridezilla on itunes, they are $1.99 each, so the gift certificate is very handy! I’m glad Charlie remembers things like green is my favorite color, which is one of the reasons I love earrings. I wish we could have taught him to play “Go Fish” but maybe next time. Also, I’m glad the Hidden Pictures coloring book helped keep Charlie occupied during your client consultation. I have about six of those if he runs out of pictures to find. Thanks for everything, my birthday was just what I wanted!