Hi, Sis!

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I’m so glad Donna, aka Cupcake, updated her blog – It’s only been FIVE MONTHS! Sheesh. 🙂 The spa sounds fun – I wish I wasn’t so busy – I would partake in that!

This morning I am just working – Or trying to. Charlie is being very high-maintenance, but not in a bad way. He keeps wanting stories and a hug and cereal and asking to go to the park. He’s being very sweet, which makes it that much harder that I have to work and can’t spend time with him (he’s on mid-winter break from school all this week). I told him we would have our lunch at the park, so at least that is something. In the meantime, I hope he will get occupied in something so I can work. I have so much work, I really need to catch up.

Ok, enough procrastinating in my blog. Going to try to work now…

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