(I’m Not Your) Freak-On-A-Leash

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A lot of the web design business I get is from people seeking web design on Craig’s List.  And a lot of them say something similar, but that drives me completely bat-shit.  And that is this:

“I’ve already thought this all out, and I know what I want it to look like, so most of the work is done – thus it shouldn’t take too long to put together.”


Did you really think it all out?  You know what you want and how you want it to look?  How unusual.  And thus that solves all of the puzzle about how to make it do/look the way you want?

You’ve thought about how PHP and MySQL work together?  And how they fit into html and xhtml?  And CSS?  And how CSS demands STRICT xhtml?  And how the javascript and Flash and dHTML you want in there affects the CSS, xhtml, html, PHP and MySQL, not to mention your SEO endeavors and the layout?

No?  You didn’t think all of that through and solve for that?  I DIDN’T THINK SO!  That is the HARD part.  Duh.  Web designers/developers are not simply TYPING MONKEYS.

We do the architecture and construction, we are the one’s who make it work – who make it happen.  And that requires a tremendous amount of thought, skill, research, coding, design work, and (at times) trial and error.

It most definitely takes TIME.  And it is most definitely NOT EASY.  (And that is why we get the big bucks…)

Knowing how you want it to look and what you want it to do is not the hard part.

MAKING it look how you want it to look and DO what you want it to do – that is the hard part.

I might be a freak.  But I’m not your typing-monkey-freak-on-a-leash.  Get a clue.

By the way, I won’t touch jobs like this with a ten-foot-pole.  It’s only a Pandora’s box of conflict and heartache and probably very little compensation.

Oy, what we freelancers go through…..

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