John Cusack in the Evil Room, ‘1408′

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Here is a great spoof someone did of the movie, 1408 with John Cusack.  The new premise seems to be that the reason room 1408 is so evil is because of the next door neighbors playing their music unbearably loudly!  This is cleverly put together and actually really well done, especially when it comes to the audio.  The guy who put this together didn’t just add music over the visuals, he sort of muted it and cranked the bass a bit to make it sound like it was coming through the wall!

Spoiler Alert!  Watching this spoof could give away some things about this movie if you’ve never seen it.  I don’t really like scary movies, usually, but this one was really different and I liked it – so recommend it.  So keep the spoiler warning in mind when deciding whether to watch this spoofed trailer.

1408 Trailer – Spoof:

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