Post Traumatic Stress….

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I went to for the first time in about 4 months, just to see what’s going on.  And what is the first god-damned-mother-fucking thing I see?

36  counties are now under advisories, watches, or severe weather warnings.

You know, unless you’re a god-damned farmer and *have* to live in such a place – why the hell would you?

I was traumatized by crap like this when I lived there – normally bad weather doesn’t bother me.  But when my child started school and bad weather became a huge factor in whether my child made it home safely or not – or if I had to drive on ice and snow and all that crap – it became a huge factor.  Being separated from my child by potentially death-inducing weather traumatized me like you can’t believe.

I am so glad to be away from it.  And I don’t think I’ll be visiting Iowa – or – anytime soon…

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