Charlie Update

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New post on = Results I got today from his neuro testing two weeks ago.

I must say I’m not thrilled that they weren’t more helpful.  But it furthered my opinion that his senosry issues are causing his ADHD symptoms .

So much so that I came home and Googled my idea and found that I’m not the first to have this idea.  There is a book called The Out-of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder by Carol Stock Kranowitz.

And it is specifically about how ADHD is often mistakenly diagnosed (and drugged), when it’s really a sensory integration disorder that is causing discomfort and thus fidgeting and being easily distracted. I will definitely be pursuing sensory integration therapy before I consider adhd drugs again for Charlie. I don’t think they were right for him, and I often thought they were detrimental.

All About Charlie

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I finally launched a web site all about my son Charlie, who has autism/ASD and ADHD: is All About Charlie (and a bit about me as well).

Charlie Update – Preliminary Diagnosis

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Charlie finally had his long-awaited appointment, today, with a neurodevelopmental specialist at Children’s Hospital in Seattle.  He said that Charlie is definitely “a very interesting case.”

His preliminary diagnosis is:  Mild Autism with ADHD causing his Developmental Disability and Behavior Problems.  (Charlie was diagnosed as Developmentally Disbaled, i.e. 25% or more deficient in at least 3 areas of development, approximately 2 years ago by a qualified professional).

An official diagnosis can’t be made until after further tests, which are booked out for MONTHS.

Plan of action?  Can’t act until an official diagnosis is made.

In the meantime?  I’m still going insane.  He still struggles.  Donna helps a lot both practically and in moral support.  Nicholas is supportive in moral support for me and tries to get me to take some time for myself occasionally.

I personally believe the autism and ADHD caused the Developmental Disability and that his IQ is perfectly fine, if not above-average.

Until more testing is done and I have a plan of action, I guess that is it.  I registered and plan to document our past, current, future struggles and successes and any progress and new info in the near future.  I’ll make an announcement on here when it is up – maybe in a week or so.

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