Thanks For The Coupon and Bad Service

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Thanks For the Coupon and Bad ServiceQFC had an offer a few weeks ago that if you transfer a prescription to them from somewhere else, they would give you a coupon for $25 in free groceries. I decided to take them up on it, because they are closer to me than the pharmacy I’ve been going to for years. Plus $25 in free groceries sounded good.

Unfortunately, the service was so bad, and they were so rude to me, that I’ll be transferring my prescriptions right back to my old place. At my old pharmacy, they’re always nice, know me and my son well, and it’s just nice to go to somewhere familiar.

At QFC, it took hours to get the prescription ready, when my old place usually has it in 15-20 minutes. They seemingly lied on the phone when I called to check on it and told me they “had just done it,” as when I arrived, they were in the middle of doing it – they hadn’t even started when I called, I’m sure. And then the person who rang me up was rude to me, and rolled her eyes and glared at me when the keypad I was using to complete the transaction said things she didn’t expect it to say (wasn’t my fault). She then flipped through the advertisement to find the $25 offer (they made me bring in a flyer, even though it was an on-going offer and not a coupon to clip), and then sighed when she found it and proceeded to add the $25 coupon to my QFC Advantage Card with no small amount of impatience.

After that ordeal, I left the prescription counter, loaded up on $25 worth of loss-leaders in the store and checked out. Oh, and about 1 minute before reaching the check-stand up front, the power in the store went out. The emergency power came on, and I was able to check out. But I left there with such an all-around bad impression of the place. I was just kind of shaking my head and laughing, and thinking to myself, “Thanks for giving me $25 in free groceries so you could show me how terrible your pharmacy is.”

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