I Keep Getting Free Coffee At Starbucks

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I don’t know how my local Starbucks stays in business. The Starbucks near me with a drive-thru is the sloooooooowest Starbucks I have ever seen. I have spent 25 minutes in line with only 4 cars in front of me before. And they’re getting better, but they didn’t used to be very accurate, either. I’d drive away assuming I had my mocha, only to take a sip and realize I had something entirely different.

It was kind of like Christmas – investigating the label to see what kind of drink I’d been served this time. Vanilla latte? Hmmmm…. Its ok. I’d have preferred my mocha….

Oh, and they are just as slow if you go in. So I’ve decided I prefer to sit in my car and listen to music if I’m going to be made to wait. I only put up with it because they’re extremely handy, location-wise, and the only one in that area with a drive-thru.

Also, I wind up getting my coffee free about once every week or so! Apparently they have a policy where they just give it to you for free if you’ve had to wait more than 5 minutes. I’ll drive up, go to hand them my debit card, and they’ll just hand me my coffee and say, “It’s on us – Sorry about the wait!”

Oh, ok. “Thanks!” 🙂

It seems rude to check to see if my coffee was made correctly when they gave to me for free, so I just drive off, smiling. And take pot luck. It’s usually right… Usually… 🙂

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