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I’m trying to get into the habit of blogging every morning.  I’ve neglected my blog for the most part for a really long time.  And I have a lot to say, so might as well spew it here and not bore people in real life.  LOL  At least if you’re here reading this online, you don’t find my rambling boring, hopefully – or you wouldn’t be here!

I thought I would be working right now, but I’m waiting to hear back from two clients, so decided just to work on my own stuff.  I have three really good sites that could do really well if I put as much effort into them as I do my clients’ sites.  And I really want to get some other income going so I can start taking weekends off and for times when business is slow (although it’s been gangbusters since the beginning of this year!).

I’d also like to travel more and spend more one-on-one time with Charlie.  Sis and Charlie and I are going to San Francisco in June (which I’ve mentioned several times – yes, I’m excited!), and I have a good friend who lives near Lake Chelan wh0 I don’t see enough.  I also would like to get to some of these conferences like WordCamp and some of the Social Media conferences they have around the country.  Could be very good for business.  I also have a chance to go to England this year, and I’ve wanted to go since I was 15, so I don’t want to miss that!

So yeah, I’ll be working on those other sites today.  Charlie & I are also meeting Donna for a quick lunch, but that’s about it for my big Sunday plans.  Apparently if I lived in the U.K. I’d be celebrating Mother’s Day today – I learned that from some people on Twitter.  Twitter is just such a fount of information – I should write a blog post on all the positive effect Twitter has had on my business!

Once I start rambling, I know it’s time to sign off.  Later!

Hi, Sis!

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I’m so glad Donna, aka Cupcake, updated her blog – It’s only been FIVE MONTHS! Sheesh. 🙂 The spa sounds fun – I wish I wasn’t so busy – I would partake in that!

This morning I am just working – Or trying to. Charlie is being very high-maintenance, but not in a bad way. He keeps wanting stories and a hug and cereal and asking to go to the park. He’s being very sweet, which makes it that much harder that I have to work and can’t spend time with him (he’s on mid-winter break from school all this week). I told him we would have our lunch at the park, so at least that is something. In the meantime, I hope he will get occupied in something so I can work. I have so much work, I really need to catch up.

Ok, enough procrastinating in my blog. Going to try to work now…

Donna’s Birthday

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Today was Donna’s 39th birthday – Yay! She wanted to go to Olive Garden, so Charlie and I met her and Erik there around 11 a.m. Charlie wasn’t on his best behavior but managed to turn it around a little bit. At least he didn’t hug the waiter and say that he loves him this time! Although that might have been preferable!

After that we went to Donna’s and had cake. I got her an iTunes gift certificate which she claims to love – I hope she does! Then I wanted to get her some earrings, but Charlie pointed to some really pretty ones while I was still looking, so I wound up getting those for her – So those were kind of from Charlie. Then Charlie picked out a candleholder with butterflies and some candles. I thought he actually made better choices for gifts for Donna than I did! I guess he has good taste. 🙂

After that I met briefly with a client, got a second round of coffee (which is one of the reasons why I feel like it’s only about 4:30 when it’s really nearly 9 p.m.!) and came home and worked. Oh, I forgot something at Donna’s so we had to drive back down there, so that was almost another hour.

So here I am working into the night, taking a little break to update my blog since I never do. Not that bad of a Sunday. I just wish we’d been able to go for a walk, but maybe tomorrow.

Just A Little Update, Yet Again

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I should really keep this blog updated so I don’t have to do these big updates!


Today is the 62nd anniversary of my Mom’s birth. Donna gave me flowers, and we went to lunch in Seattle. We always celebrate Mom’s birthday one way or another since she died and try to be extra-nice to each other. I’m sure she’d be pleased; she was always pleading with us to get along when we were kids! Anyway, Happy Birthday, Mom; we miss you!


I started on a book called ‘Labyrinth’ but have had almost no time to try to read it. I haven’t read enough to form any opinion of it yet.


Everything! Business is booming, which is wonderful. I now have a base of regular clients and new work coming in all the time. I’ve been learning PHP/MySQL which really helps increase the number of projects I am qualified to take on. Soon after that I am planning on developing my first WordPress theme from scratch. I’m not the greatest designer there ever was, but I think developing a theme from scratch will teach me a LOT and improve my skills/offerings that much more.


Lot’s of inner/spiritual improvements going on. In the last year, I’ve truly gone from simply trying to survive to actually feeling optimistic about life and hoping for things I’d kind of given up on. I’m actively working on the things I need to do to make positive changes and to truly be able to thrive and not just survive.


Life being totally single isn’t the most fun thing in the world, but it’s better than being in a bad relationship. I feel I’ve left behind constant stress, bad feelings, distrust and low self-esteem by standing alone and not running back to the “band-aid” relationship I had for so long with the person I was seeing after my divorce. That relationship coming right on top of my divorce left a very bad taste in my mouth for very long time. But I’m slowly but surely beginning to find that that is not all there is out there. And my “Relationship Status” has gone from “Single, Not-Looking” to “Single, and Slowly-Maybe-Opening-Up-To-New-Possibilities.” 🙂


All of my plans for my business are coming together with all kinds of exciting things in the works. I’m even branching out soon to Video Tutorials for my blog on Blog Solace for some of the more advanced WordPress plug-ins. This should bring in quite a bit of new traffic.

The trip to San Francisco is still on, but now Donna is planning to come with Charlie & Me for the first 3 days or so. It will be really fun to visit, *with her*, all our old stomping grounds and meander down memory lane. And meeting Brian is a must! If he has time for us between all his acting and VO gigs. 🙂

Anyway, the future looks bright – Exciting and promising possibilities . . .


I’m not really feelin’ a wrap-up. Life is fluid; it keeps moving and changing. Here’s to the next event on the horizon!

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