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I joined the John P. Health Challenge today!  It’s been started by @JohnPoz (if you Twitter).  It goes for 12 weeks and has a sensible but strict prescription!

I plan to log my participation (and hopefully progress) by writing in my blog here, in the category “Health Challenge.”  You can find it by going to if you want to follow just my progress.

Today was my first day. I walked 40 minutes and followed the food guidelines. So far so good!

My personal goals are to:

  • Double my exercise (includes starting strength training and walking every day, not just 3-4 times per week)
  • Improving what I eat, as prescribed by the challenge
  • Cutting my portions by 40%-50% as prescribed by the plan
  • Drinking only water and coffee (sweetened with Splenda instead of my usual raw sugar) – no sodas, slurpees, etc (liquid sugar calories)
  • Snack only on nuts and fruits
  • Lose 25 pounds in 12 weeks

So far, so good.  My first short-term goal is to lose my first 10 pounds by April 23rd, so I’ll be looking good for the Leonard Cohen concert!   So I’m pushing especially hard right now. 

If you Twitter, you can follow me, I’m @sherryness . And go to and search on #HealthChallenge to follow others who are participating and join in the fun/work.

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