So What Is Up With The Pants?

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I have a very hard time finding pants for Charlie.  Besides the fact that he was part of that mini-baby-boom in 2002 (they’re blaming 9/11 for that – whole other story) and everything in his size is gone if I don’t get there as soon as they put everything out, for some reason they just almost never make pull-on pants in his size for boys!

I don’t understand that.  Virtually all pants that I see for boys are jeans (and of course nearly all of those are zip with snap or button).  And event he dress pants are the same way.  So I look for sweat pants for him, and I can almost never find normal sweat pants in his size, either.

They’re either Adidas or Nike and $30-$40 each.  Or they are made of that slick material – and being a “sensory kid,” Charlie can’t tolerate the noise they make when he walks or moves!

I don’t understand 1) why they make most pants for a kid his age that have zip/snap (that’s a challenge for any kid, and especially for Charlie) and 2) whatever happened to good old sweat pants in regular “sweats” material?  Frustrating!  This wouldn’t be an issue, I guess, if I’d learned to sew like my Mom wanted me to!  LOL

Work is awesome, but it’s kind of driving me insane.  I’m at that point where I am getting more work than I can do, which is the classic sign it’s time to raise your rates.  So I guess I will be doing that soon.  It’s good, because every time I raise my rates, I attract larger/better jobs from bigger sites/companies.  But it’s also a lot more pressure, a lot more communication and it still doesn’t ever seem to leave me with evenings/weekends free *at all*.  I’m always working.

I think I’m just going to have to start having set hours and be firm about it.  Most offices are only open “8-4:30” or whatever.  Maybe I need to start doing that.  And just take on a few small/side jobs nights and weekends *only when I feel like it*.  I need some free time that I can count on, or I’m going to burn out/go nuts.

Last but not least, ‘Quantum of Solace’ came out on DVD today!  I got it from the video store the moment they opened this morning and am finally going to watch it tonight.  The title was the inspiration for my business name, Blog Solace, so it’s about time I saw it, I think!

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