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I'm A WordPressin' Fool!

  I’m WordPressin’

In addition to my regular work, I worked on a bunch of my own WordPress sites.

I did updates of plug-ins and performed security checks on all my sites. Happily all is safe, secure, and cozy!

I also wrote some new blog posts:

  • For Fluffy Net, my no-kill shelter directory site w/Blog, I wrote: Kalamazoo Animal Rescue Dinner Auction 2015
  • For High-Fructose High , my no high-fructose corn syrup product listing site, I moved over a post from my old Craving Quality site, which is currently de-funct: Homemade Tomato Paste Recipe
  • And for my site about what I do and being a Work At Home Mom, I shared how to get in touch if you need to hire me for WordPress services: Need A WordPress Mechanic? (I definitely need to update that theme and fix some things on that site – including how often I post!)

Then of course, I’m adding this post to this site.  🙂  I also updated the ads on some other site but didn’t freshen the content yet.

Other things are afoot today – just the usual – cleaning, laundry, shopping, cooking, hanging out with Charlie, etc.  But, as usual, WordPress has been a big part of my day! Which is good – I love WordPress.  🙂


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