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Twitter is down right now, so I’m making a good old-fashioned blog entry for a change. It will be short, though. I have a busy morning but wanted to “take five” for my caffeine and blog-a-bit (which is usually Twitter) before digging in/moving on with my day.

If I could just get through my e-mails, I could actually get some work done. But I had so many e-mails to answer this morning, that I’m probably not going to get any work done before I have to go do some on-site work. I’ll pick up the work when I get home this afternoon – If I don’t have too many e-mails to answer by then!

Charlie is off of school today. “Teacher work day!” I don’t mind a few teacher work days throughout the year, but it seems like they have one almost every single month in this school district. I might not even balk at that, but too many of them occur just before Spring Break, just before Christmas break, just before the Memorial day weekend holiday, etc. Makes me wonder how much “work” they are actually getting done on those days. Especially after the snow days we had in December that were *supposed* to be made up on two of the teacher work days that were before Spring Break and before the Memorial Day Holiday got changed back – due to the union’s insistence on “sticking to the contract.” Now those days are being made up at the end of the school year. Makes me think someone whined because their long-weekend/vacation plans were interefered with – and not because they really, really wanted to *work* on those teacher work days. I could be wrong . . .

Well, I should get some e-mails finished and get ready to go. Sis is watching Charlie while I do some on-site work, then I’m going out tonight. Was supposed to go out with Brad, I thought, but he can’t make it tonight. So just going to a function I know about. I’ve been making a lot of positive changes in my life lately, and forcing myself to be more social is one of them!

I wonder if Twitter is back . . .

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One Response to “Twitter Update”
  1. naomi says:

    some young pup at the school board tried to convince me that boy went to school the same number of days as i did. that is so not! he got a semester break in elementary school, and they don’t work on semesters. they’d get days around remembrance day while we only got the one day. they also get “professional planning and development days”, one a month, that we didn’t get off. they also get a monthly staff meeting early release. i can only remember 2 (not to say they didn’t happen more often though)

    back in the day teachers used to do a whole lot more on their own time than they do now. i don’t begrudge them the pp&d days because that’s when they get together as a school and share ideas and such. but it’s the semester break in elementary school and the extra days around remembrance day that get me.

    same number of days, indeed 😛